Vote Again! Vote #4

I’ve been told the answer to ballot questions is “call Mackenzie”. The company telling you contact the proxy solicitor is par for the course. A company with real care for its investors would want to eliminate any lack of clarity. So typical.

I would not be surprised if they instructed the solicitor to send the whole ballot out again even though #4 is the only vote still alive. If I were them, I would do this to draw attention away from #4 to make it look routine when it is anything but. If I were them, I would be hoping to catch some unengaged voters sleeping.

The first time I voted, this is what I cast.

Fill in all the dots. Enjoy voting against most of the incumbents and the executive comp question again. It’s meaningless but fun.

#4 is where your vote matters. Contact your broker to make sure that vote gets counted.

Vote Again?

These Merrill and Fidelity emails link me to a voting portal where it clearly says “Not Voted” on the ballot.

This is the exact same ballot as last fall.

What’s going on? I already voted this ballot.

If you contact IR to get to the bottom of this, please let us know what they say.

Any Issues Voting?

Below is a letter from a reader. I’m posting to see if anyone else uncovered any issues in voting for the upcoming “meeting”.

Everything was smooth my end. Accounts at two different brokerages presented my prior votes to me. I made no changes.

Hi from Canada.
Two days ago I received voting instructions via snail mail, for May election, for 4 of the 5 accounts in which I own TPL. I voted by phone these 4 accounts. In every case I was informed my shares had already been voted, but I was allowed to change them.
The fifth account where most of my shares are held did not get voting instructions via snail mail. However approximately 1 month ago I received via e-mail voting instructions for TPL. Today I attempted to vote these shares, turns out this was my fifth and largest account. The site was not live, however it said these shares had already been voted, and I was not allowed to change the vote whatever it was. I have contacted the company for assistance.
Seems all my shares were voted by someone other than me. Thought I’d put this out there to see if anybody else has had the same experience. Thanks.