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From reader James:

The guys at Special Situation Investing have been following TPL closely and giving good insights.


There are two more links in the comments of the previous post but I’m writing this from my phone and I’m cut/paste challenged right now.

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  1. Want to add this; Murray Stahl –> FRMO the most part of his buying spree was correlated to the sales of HK.

    FRMO and HK are arm length separate entities. Then we have the other ETF´s from HK. Combined holdings could thus exceed the imposed maximum.

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  2. Thanks for finding this article which does a masterful job of concisely summarizing the legal embattlements that have led up to the present day. The very fact that an objective investment advisor like this could conclude, “a combination of infighting and legal actions are, in our opinion, the primary driver behind the stock’s recent fall” is such a damning condemnation of TPL’s management and board, who must be held accountable. Looking forward to us shareholders “winning” the April 17th court case and getting all the share authorization/dilution garbage proposal off the table once and for all.

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  3. When is the vote date again? I cant find details on the actual voting prospectus…. HSBC is not the friendliest broker….


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