Vote Again! Vote #4

I’ve been told the answer to ballot questions is “call Mackenzie”. The company telling you contact the proxy solicitor is par for the course. A company with real care for its investors would want to eliminate any lack of clarity. So typical.

I would not be surprised if they instructed the solicitor to send the whole ballot out again even though #4 is the only vote still alive. If I were them, I would do this to draw attention away from #4 to make it look routine when it is anything but. If I were them, I would be hoping to catch some unengaged voters sleeping.

The first time I voted, this is what I cast.

Fill in all the dots. Enjoy voting against most of the incumbents and the executive comp question again. It’s meaningless but fun.

#4 is where your vote matters. Contact your broker to make sure that vote gets counted.

13 thoughts on “Vote Again! Vote #4

  1. Trial is 4/17. If HK et al wins this is very likely to be irrelevant as I’m told that if the HK group votes count it’s all over.

    Just my view based on what I’m hearing.

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  2. I tried to vote through my Fidelity account, but there were no materials. I called Fidelity and they said TPL isn’t using Fidelity to handle any of this, and to call TPL. I’m waiting for a reply.

    Any idea who is managing the vote?

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  3. this is so tedious but expected. What next? can they just keep doing this? Doing this all over again. And probably again and again. right? Management is really scoring with me.


  4. Same thing with E*Trade. Have to re-vote. This is different than a few months back when all my votes were still there the way I had voted.

    Agree they are trying to snag additional votes by catching people sleeping, or worse yet, thinking your previous vote counted and was already in.

    Plan to drop IR a note to complain. Don’t expect it to change a thing, but want them to know my displeasure and this is pathetic.

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  5. Wait a minute, let me get this straight… is it true that votes we cast for last November’s annual meeting are no longer counted? I knew voting was still open if there are new shareholders or if you want to CHANGE your votes, but had no idea that re-voting would be necessary.

    I will investigate the status of my votes with my brokerage account and go through the rigamarole of re-voting, but am in state of disbelief if people are finding that their previous votes are no longer in effect.


  6. UPDATE — My advisor spoke to Broadridge today and they have confirmed the following: (The proxy will be updated within the next week or so.)

    Over the last several weeks, you likely received two separate emails regarding the upcoming TPL proxy vote. We have confirmed with the proxy administrator that these emails were distributed inadvertently.

    All prior voting from the original request has been applied, even though that is not reflected when viewing information on You do not need to take any further action if you’ve voted previously.

    We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this has caused.”

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  7. Buy all the shares you can reasonable afford to vote agaisnt these clowns. This price is very attractive in the long term

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  8. Is anyone else still waiting to get their proxy materials and control number in the mail? I guess I would contact my broker about that?

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