Revisiting Paragraph 19 Answer

Has anyone written to the board to request an investigation of the Manti Tarka dealings referenced by the defendants in their recent answer to complaint?

If you have, can you let me know if you’ve received a response? If you haven’t, it could be worth your time to do so.

You’d think a board with a fiduciary duty would want to investigate any whiff of conflicts of interest.

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  1. I found the email addresses and just sent them an email: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;;;;;; ;; ; ;

    I was wondering if all of the TPL board members read this document? Please confirm whether or not an independent investigation has begun to look into the allegations of potential conflicts of interest by Barry, per item #19. I think it is absolutely essential that the Manti Tarka dealings be investigated. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    We need to demand some answers


  2. Mike,

    We should copy the SEC on our emails. Danae Serrano is the Director of the office of Ethics Counsel. Working on finding an email address for her but here is her phone number 202-551-5170. And here are the email addresses and phone numbers of some of the heads of the SEC:

    Chairman and Commissioners
    * Chair Gary Gensler  202-551-2100
    * Hester M. Peirce  202-551-5080
    * Caroline A. Crenshaw  202-551-5070
    * Mark T. Uyeda  202-551-2700
    * Jaime Lizárraga  202-551-2800

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  3. I sent an email to the Board and copied several members of the SEC. I received a reply from Commissioner Jaime Lizárraga’s office

    “Thank you for contacting my office. Your message has been received and will be reviewed by a member of my team. After reviewing your message, my office may either respond directly to you, or refer your message to the SEC division or office best suited to address the specific matter that you reference.”

    I encourage anyone reading this who is sick and tired of the Board to do the same.

    This is what I sent:

    I am writing to you today to express my concern about the allegations of conflict of interest regarding David Barry (The current Chairman of the Board at Texas Pacific Land) and Manti Tarka (a Private Company under Daivd Barry’s control) and TPL (a public company). These allegations are contained in the link below under paragraph #19. Have you held an independent investigation? These Manti Tarka dealings need to be investigated fully.

    To the SEC commissioners I have copied please contact me if I can be of further assistance. These allegations are coming from two sitting Board members, so they appear worthy of investigation. Thank you


  4. I also sent an email to the Board to express my deep and profound concern relating to their ongoing irresponsibility. This Board has developed an unfortunate pattern of disregarding shareholders. Substantial change and accountability is needed.

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  5. It’s mind blowing how David Barry and Co think the shareholders are just going to roll over and be exploited! We’re fighting for our right to live, to exist. We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!


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