One thought on “Defendants’ Answer to Verified Complaint

  1. Thank you for highlighting that the defendants’ answer to paragraphs 19 and 49 are really the only nuggets from this document. Hopefully we will know soon if their request to delay the annual meeting adjournment until April will be honored.

    Any mention of Manti Tarka harkens me back to the ugly (ugly ugly) proxy battle from 2019. I came across a collection of all the Horizon Kinetics/Murray Stahl condemnations of Barry and Norris from and think there is still a lot we don’t know about those actions. Damn, I miss the days when MS could openly vocalize his thoughts and observations.

    The self-serving legacy directors must know the clock is ticking on their removal upon the next shareholder vote. Let’s hope there is no scorched earth behavior on their way out the door and we can finally enjoy a new day for TPL of fiduciary responsibility and trustworthy governance.


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