Land of Many Uses

West Texas is a mecca of renewable energy in the United States.

“You get this perfect overlap with both sun quality and wind speed in West Texas,” said Shaun Connell, executive vice president of power at Houston-based tech company Lancium.

But a lot of that wind and solar power is concentrated in remote parts of the state. With no financial incentive, there’s little reason to build out renewable infrastructure to harness this energy.

Enter bitcoin miners. When these energy buyers co-locate with renewables, it creates a financial incentive for buildout and improves the core economics of renewable power production, which has been fraught with volatility.

7 thoughts on “Land of Many Uses

  1. Mr. Stahl has been an innovator and early investor in Bitcoin mining and his investment firm, Horizon Kinetics has a private fund that mines Bitcoins and other crypto assets. Although he has not commented on the topic due to his position as a TPL board member…it would be hard to believe that he is not acutely away nor already planning to use the TPL land holdings for mining. This is only conjecture, but Murray would not let an opportunity remain unrealized if he saw the potential to return profits.

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  2. The solar and wind mining is a nice idea, but Crusoe Energy (and others like it) present a better opportunity for TPL. There’s no reason we (TPL) couldn’t work on both opportunities, but finding a solution for flaring presents a great opportunity of ESG investment that’s more impactful because it actually helps solve an ongoing environmental issue… it requires very little infrastructure build out and also because the units are completely mobile and can be up and running in days. The tech is already proven, it’s not an experiment. Exxon has been running a pilot program with Crusoe in the Bakken region and they plan to expand globally to 5 countries. These guys at Crusoe are brilliant.

    In regards to HK/Murray, I’ve written to them several time about this, as far back at 2020… have never received a single reply/acknowledgment.

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  3. When we talk to our operators, we talk about water, we talk about getting them the easements and access for roads and well pads. And now, we’re increasingly there to also talk about next-gen opportunities like micro grids, bitcoin mining, carbon capture, and other sustainability initiatives. Our staff is working hard on these exciting new initiatives, and we hope to turn these ideas into new revenue streams over the coming years. * Remarks of Tyler Glover at Annual Meeting of Stockholders of
    Texas Pacific Land Corporation December 29, 2021

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  4. Crusoe introduced CrusoeCloud today… it’s the same concept of using excess carbon and methane gas to generate power for data centers except this is used for Cloud Computing data centers as opposed to Bitcoin mining. Wondering if TPL could somehow get carbon credits for promoting this and reselling those credits to other corporations the way Tesla does (for example). I’m not an expert in this area but will do some reading on this.

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