Can We Call Elon?

Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) said on Tuesday it will offer Tesla boss and entrepreneur Elon Musk a seat on its board of directors, a position he plans to use to bring about significant improvements at the social media site.

The move came after Musk disclosed in a regulatory filing on Monday that he had amassed a 9.2% stake in Twitter, making him its largest shareholder.

Musk to join Twitter board, promises change | Reuters

Wild. Musk buys 10% of the company and they ask him to join the board! Where I come from, the first instinct is to hold large investors in contempt and litigate against them.

3 thoughts on “Can We Call Elon?

  1. It’s a slog to litigate against a guy like Musk (unlimited resources, enormous public platform, chip on his should/doesn’t always act ENTIRELY rationally).


  2. Given what big tech and corporate media is now doing Elon for trying to bring back free speech, do you think VZ, T or Hangouts would let the call go thru?

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