Eyes on Fall 2022

In anticipation of the fall 2022 board meeting, I will be leaving this post pinned at the top. Dates, deadlines, etc will be updated as they are known. If you have any information pertaining to procedure, best practices, and the like, please share and I will update.

Board Nominees:

This year, the Class II members of the board will see their terms expire. Up for re-election will be Donald Cook, Donna Epps, and Eric Oliver. Will an alternate slate be proposed?

Shareholder Proposals:

Prior to the release of the proxy statement, shareholders can submit proposals in the hopes of ultimately getting them into the voting process. TPL loves to reject proposals, but we’ve seen success here.


We’re still watching and waiting. The delay buys the board an extra year. Maybe it gets to a real vote this fall and maybe that vote takes effect in 2023. Things move slow, but they move.

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3 thoughts on “Eyes on Fall 2022

  1. In view of the recent opening I just sent a letter to the TPL board. Submitting Larry Goldstein for the recent opening. On the board.

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  2. We can petition management/the board, sure. But what about petitioning other shareholders?

    If the Whalewisdom website is accurate, 11% of the shares are owned by Blackrock and Vanguard (probably via their ETFs). I know Blackrock is very into ESG…well, the G stands for governance! Vanguard might be less inclined to “rock the boat”, but maybe it’s time we alerted both of them to the situation.

    You add 11% to what Murray Stahl controls, plus Oliver and Goldstein and all the fine folks on this blog…


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