6 thoughts on “Wedgewood Partners Gets Tricked

  1. Guys, I’ve had it with management. We can not stand idly by and let them take OUR hard earned cash and continue to put it into THEIR pockets. As other have suggested on here I think we all should continue to write the Board members voicing our feelings. Oil is over $80bb and TPL is slipping. Why do they need 90 days until they declassify the Board? It should happen IMMEDIATELY! Why has Dana not resigned? Why do they need to ‘accept’ his resignation. There was a vote. He lost! That’s it! We need to band together, that is the only way to make sure out collective voices are heard. Everyone should email the Board. I copied their email addresses below

    samini@texaspacific.com; dbarry@kelleydrye.com; dbarry@texaspacific.com; John@norris-weberlaw.com; dana@missionadv.com; TGlover@texaspacific.com; Eric@softvest.com; info@horizonkinetics.com; jkesslen@horizonkinetics.com; dianeanddon@sbcglobal.net; bduganier@texaspacific.com; depps@texaspacific.com; csteddum@texaspacific.com

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    • WOW – that is great info Mr. Solo !!!! What about contacting the SEC or don’t we have a case to make yet?


      • Im hoping that (for once!) The Board does the right thing and honors the wishes of Shareholders. There is no reason this process needs to be complicated. The people have spoken!

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  2. Management and governance can be changed. Most assuredly, both WILL change, eventually. In the meantime, the asset is still there. And its value is increasing. Worldwide oil inventories continue to drawdown, as demand recovers and supply remains impaired. And the world has not even fully “re-opened” yet. What happens to the Brent/WTI price when it does? Barring some catastrophic management decision that somehow destroys/impairs the value, an exciting time lies ahead for patient TPL owners, imho.

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  3. Does anyone know if TPL puts out an 8-K when McGinnis resigns? Do we assume that he hasn’t resigned yet since there hasn’t been an 8-K?

    Seems absurd that this hasn’t been dealt with more quickly.

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