Musings at $1127*

Management getting paid big $$ but the stock is 36% off last year’s high in a pocket of tremendous strength in the oil market. WTI @ $82.25.

XLE up 0.4% today. TPL down 4%.

Cash the checks and buyback the shares. It’s not hard.

At what point does the board look at changing strategic direction and management? Are the shareholders being served?

This thing sure isn’t trading like an “ETF of the Permian”.

Is this what we are paying for? Full day 1/13: -$96, -7.85%, $1127.90 close.

9 thoughts on “Musings at $1127*

  1. Unfortunately, dysfunctional board of directors, that does not care what majority of shareholders want = declining stock price

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    • Does anyone know how much of the buybacks go into the directors piggy bank? I understood shares would not be retired, but would go into treasury to be used for bonuses. Is it all share buybacks or a %. If it’s all , it doesn’t bhelp the common shareholders IMO.


  2. Who exactly installed Glover? Was he a “compromise candidate” between the agitators and the board? I haven’t been a shareholder for as long as many of you.


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