Meeting Goes Virtual

DALLAS (December 23, 2021) – Texas Pacific Land Corporation (NYSE: TPL) (“TPL Corporation” or the “Company”) today announced that in light of the recent surge in COVID-19 cases associated with the Omicron variant of the virus, the Company will hold its upcoming Annual Meeting (the “Annual Meeting”) in an entirely virtual format. The Annual Meeting is scheduled to be held on December 29, 2021, at 2:00 p.m. Central time.

A live audio and video of the Annual Meeting will be transmitted via a virtual platform. Information about how to access the virtual meeting can be found in the Company’s revised proxy statement, which is available at Stockholders will need to visit and enter the control number included in the Notice of Internet Availability or proxy card that they should receive by mail. Stockholders who access the Annual Meeting online will be able to watch and listen to the meeting and vote online.

Stockholders who wish to still vote their shares in person may do so at the Omni Dallas Hotel, 555 Lamar Street, Dallas, Texas 75202. A live audio and video feed will be available, but the meeting will not be held in person.

Stockholders who have questions or who need assistance in voting their shares or accessing the virtual platform should contact the Company’s proxy solicitor, MacKenzie Partners, at (212) 929-5500 or Toll-Free (800) 322-2885.

The Company intends to provide an opportunity for stockholders to meet in-person with members of the Board of Directors and management when it is safe to do so.

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  1. Par for the course, I’m afraid. Cancelling meetings and making things hard for shareholders seems to be the former trustees and their handpicked lackeys on the board main purpose. I cant vote for anyone on the board that will not speak out against the clown show. Thus far, it appears only Stahl has made public his disapproval. I’m hopeful that Stahl and Oliver are joined by others during the meeting. Voicing disapproval with the boards actions after Dana and Tyler are removed will be too little too late.

    Are you listening Barbara?

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  2. Does any shareholder need a single iota more of data that the legacy trustees and their cronies have an absolute disdain for the company’s owners? This has heightened my resolve, and I think it’s time that some of us band together and see what options we have for additional avenues of litigation, including class action suits.

    These people are rotten to the core, and it’s clear that Oliver and Stahl are very much in the minority of this board. Unfortunately, the “good governance” independents are anything but — Cook for all the obvious reasons, but it seems like even Barbara and Donna are, at best, asleep at the wheel.

    What these bad directors under-estimate, however, is the resolve of the shareholder base. This has gone on for two years, and many of the commenters on the blog are as active as ever. The further this goes on, the worse it will be for these directors. I think there is a case for clawing back compensation; barring people from securities industry and ability to serve on public boards….Career-ending, at a minimum…but possibly prison too for Barry and the worst offenders?

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  3. Agreed. Here is a summary of the last month or so:

    1. The Board Stonewalls Gliksberg’s request to produce a single document showing that McGinnus owned 170,000+ shares
    2. The Board claims they verified McGinnus owns the shares but WONT SHOW ANYONE!!!
    3. The Board tries to keep Proposal #7 from being included in the Proxy
    4. The Board claims Gliksberg is making things difficult … puhhhlease.
    5. The Board refuses to answer the direct question “WHERE IS THE PROOF MCGINNUS OWNED THE SHARES?!?”
    6. The Board moves the meeting to most INCONVENIENT WEEK of the ENITRE YEAR
    7. The Board delays the ability to Vote until ONE WEEK before the meeting!
    8. And last, but not least, AFTER everyone books their flights and hotel rooms. The Board Cancels the meeting… in Texas… because of covid…. puhhhlease!

    I am sure I am forgetting a few more of their transgressions. We need to take action! It is clear that they DO NOT CARE about shareholders and only care about themselves. Stahl and Oliver can stay but the rest NEED TO GO! We need to put together a Class Action Lawsuit in 2022! Enough is Enough!

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  4. 100% agree with Class Action. The board of directors has completely abdicated their fiduciary duty to TPL shareholders. TPL currently has a dysfunctional board of directors and incapable management.
    The 30%+ drop in the share price in the past 6 months (when most oil & gas related stocks are soaring) reflects this reality. Major institutional investors won’t touch it because of that. Hopefully, the majority of TPL shareholders understand this and will put a stop to this nonsense, as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it may take 12-24 months to clean house. Board members that actually own more than a token amount of shares (Stahl, Oliver) are clearly aligned with the shareholders. But the others MUST be replaced. With an actual, functioning board of directors and with shareholder friendly management in place, the TPL share price would be materially higher than it is today!

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  5. Does the SEC investigate shareholder complaints (say those Class Action Lawsuit lists)? IF SO, does getting a govt agency involved cause more harm than good? I am in agreement with enough is enough, I just don’t want to pay both the plaintiff attorney and the defense.

    Somewhat like Death (in wars), Attorneys are the only guaranteed winners in litigation.

    I just want annual elections and Oliver and Stahl to be able to vote FOR or AGAINST any and all proposals without consideration of board recommendation.

    With that I think we can barry Norris’s cookies in Dana’s glovers.

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  6. Reposting here — doing some digging it looks like Dave Barry is a partner at Kelley Drye. Wondering if they do any work for TPL. Is that something that should be included in the proxy?

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  7. Not saying it will happen, but its in the realm of possible if they are behind in the vote, the TPL board will find a way to postpone the meeting and create some misdirection. I’d give some variation of that perhaps as high as 20% of a chance.

    Why….well consider all the anti-shareholder stance they seem to take on most issues. Anybody else similarly paranoid they will stop at nothing to thwart shareholders?

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  8. Any word on whether the meeting will be available to watch after the fact? My guess is “no” (unlike most other public companies). So be sure to tune in in real time.

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