Brokerages Show Proxy Campaign

A switch somewhere flipped last night.

At 2:42am and 2:50am I received emails from Merrill Lynch and Fidelity informing of the upcoming meeting and linking me to their websites to vote.

Maybe I just got lucky and it was a coincidence. That said, I spent considerable time on the phone with both companies yesterday.

If you still can’t vote via your broker’s website, you have 3 options.

1- Wait for your meeting materials via snail mail. As soon you receive the packets, find the control number and use it to vote at Fidelity told me that paper copies went out on 12/16.

2- Call your brokerage firm and ask them for your control number. Use the website above to vote it.

3 – Call MacKenzie Partners directly at 800-322-2885. I’m told they can look up your information (without a control number) and submit your vote.

Happy voting!

For the record. It is 12/23 and I have yet to receive my meeting materials via mail. For a 12/29 meeting. Gross.

6 thoughts on “Brokerages Show Proxy Campaign

  1. These guys are freaking COWARDS!!!! 4 days before the meeting they say all virtual….. this is beyond ridiculous. Come on guys. An oil and gas type of company calling an annual meeting off because of the pandemic. I mean, why not just require mask? To all who have to cancel flights, cancel hotels, plans and all of that stuff, after probably already cancelling family trips and family plans to make it to the terribly called meeting during the holidays, I’m sorry.

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  2. Got mine from Schwab this morning and voted. Only this me and management is in agreement is the auditor. Voting against management on everything else.

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  3. My LLC account in Fidelity STILL wasn’t showing, so I called Mackenzie Partners and voted over the phone.

    Only 21 shares in that account, but every little bit counts I guess.

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  4. I see on their website that Dave Barry is a partner at Kelley Drye. I wonder if Kelley Drye does work for TPL. Should that relationship that be disclosed in the proxy?

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