They Underestimate Your Resolve

“I called Schwab and they had to manually look up the Control number so I can vote my shares ( I own in multiple accounts). Schwab said there is no way for me to look it up on their website because the number comes from a third-party. Back in October I received an email with the link and the control number. Schwab explained it was the companies choice on how to distribute the new control number. So TPL management is obviously playing games.” – Alan

10 thoughts on “They Underestimate Your Resolve

  1. I still haven’t received either one. How can they hold the meeting without getting voting materials out to shareholders? Just another way to keep us in the dark.

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  2. when you contact you brokerage, they are going to send you to their webpage where proxy materials are gathered. It most likely isn’t there, so you need them to search as Alan indicated for the control number. You will need that ctrl # and maybe the last 4 digits of your SS to vote…….

    F&&&^g clowns!
    I hate clowns.
    Two are definitely trying to F$$k with me (they could at least buy me a plane first).

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  3. Call MacKenzie Partners if you haven’t received your materials!!! You can vote on the phone directly through them. (800) 322-2885.

    Schwab has not yet received the proxy materials from Broadridge – I spoke with the corporate actions team today. The process is so stupid. TPL > MacKenzie Partners > (snail mail) > Broadridge > (snail mail) > Brokerages > (snail mail) > Shareholders

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    • the process was anything but stupid, it was planned. The powers at TPL knew from letters, emails, reading sites (such as this) that shareholders wanted them gone. The powers want to stay, they want to continue to collect fatty fat checks while sitting on their fatty fat …. So they made the voting process as problematic as possible (postponing, shareholder agreements, last minute snails carrying ballots, meetings during holidays etc).

      At this point ineffectual leadership would be 2 steps up.

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    • I just got off the phone with Fidelity. They weren’t sure why my proxy materials appeared in one Fidelity account and not another Fidelity account. They said I can call back tomorrow during normal business hours.

      BUT, the fellow on the phone did say I could also call MacKenzie Partners. My question is, how does MacKenzie partners actually know I (or you) have shares? TPL tells them directly?

      Apologies if that is a dumb question, but every proxy vote I’ve done until this one has been very simple and digital, via my brokerage account. Leave it to TPL…

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      • Precisely, MacKenzie Partners has a list of all shareholders and their personally identifiable information. They are the third party that fidelity is referring to. You can actually call MacKenzie partners directly and vote through them. They are the Proxy Solicitor for TPL.


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