My Votes

Board – All against

Comp – All against

Auditor – For

Declassification – For

With my vote I wish to convey my disgust in the lack of transparency of the board and management team. Since late 2018 to now, it has been obvious that senior leadership holds shareholders in utter disdain. The willingness to waste shareholder money in fighting shareholders has only been surpassed by the amateur capital allocation policy that we’ve experienced over the same period. Every press release is another twist of the knife. All from a group that has little to no upside exposure to the stock price. It’s an abhorrent agency problem that must end.

I don’t wish to deny any compensation or livelihood to any of the individuals involved. I hold no personal ill will. In my experience as a TPL investor, I see/perceive a persistent lack of good faith towards shareholders. The vote above is my response. A good board should/would take notice of that type of sentiment.

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  1. additional note: you have eloquently expressed a lot of holder’s opinion…my post script is less elegant…My vote is in my notional email to most of the Board: “F YOU..stronger letter to follow”….had some bizarre back and forth with these guys the last year or so….let’s get’em

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  2. Will management be jetting to the meeting in its new jet it bought for themselves so they can fly into Midland. wait, doesn’t Southwest and American fly in there and then rent a car to drive to Mentone?

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  3. I just emailed the Board again. Here is what I wrote. I encourage everyone to do the same. They NEED to hear form us. They NEED to hear disappointed we are by their actions.

    Good Morning, 

    I read your most recent press release and in it you stated that the Board “conducted an inquiry into the matter” of Dana McGinus owning the shares he claimed. Why haven’t you released that inquiry? This back and forth with Mr. Glicksberg is pointless if Dana McGinus owned the shares. So why haven’t you released any document proving he owned the shares? By not releasing any document the only logical conclusion is that the Board is hiding the amount of shares Dana McGinus truly owned. This is not at all professional and as a shareholder of over 2,000 shares I do not appreciate my money being wasted on legal fees fighting Mr. Gliskberg when this can be solved with a simple press release showing the document. 

    Your actions have led me and every other shareholder to conclude that you are hiding the amount of shares he owned and Mr. Gliskberg is correct. 

    I have defended many of TPL’s actions over the years but this is simply indefensible. 

    I hope you do the right thing here. 

    Here is the full list of Board member email addresses.
    I encourage everyone to send a similar letter.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    • David Barry responded to my email. Here is what he said:

      Thank you for your email. The matter of Mr. McGinnis’ shares was reviewed by both TPL’s general counsel and outside counsel. It was then reviewed by the Board. TPL offered to share the documentation with Mr. Gliksberg but he refused the offer. Instead, he filed a lawsuit seeking the same information TPL offered to give him. You can ask Mr. Gliksberg why he refused the information and caused TPL to incur legal fees responding to his lawsuit.

      Best wishes for the Holidays.


      David E. Barry
      Texas Pacific Land Corporation
      Cell: 914-645-1893

      I replied and simply said :
      Can you please confirm what the result of the inquiry was? Did it show that Mr. McGinnis owned 177,223 shares?

      This is prudent information before the vote.

      He has yet to respond. I truly don’t understand why he won’t release the information. The only logical conclusion is that they are hiding something

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  4. Thank you for all you do tpltblogger. We’re heading in a better direction than when Dave Barry nominated Preston Young to serve for life as Trustee, but there is clearly still a long way to go.

    I intend to submit several questions to, hopefully, be addressed at the shareholder meeting. I asked IR to outline the process for doing so and received this response:

    “you can submit your questions in advance to

    If you attend in person, you’ll have the opportunity to write down question(s) and submit them then. For those attending via webcast, there’s a way to do it through the online portal.

    Just for completeness, I’ve pasted the section from the proxy discussing submitting questions; that section can be hard to pick out from the whole document.

    How can I ask questions at the Annual Meeting?
    You may ask questions relating to any matter being considered at the Annual Meeting and other matters about the Company (time permitting) (1) in person at the Annual Meeting by written question, (2) by submitting them through the webcast portal if you access the Annual Meeting remotely, or (3) by submitting your questions in advance by email to until 11:59 p.m. Central time on December 28, 2021. We will endeavor to respond at the Annual Meeting to questions that are submitted in accordance with these guidelines. We may not be able to answer every question submitted, and if not, we may address unanswered questions with the stockholder submitting the question after the Annual Meeting.”

    Let’s hope that Dave Barry’s disdain for shareholders doesn’t prevent an honest discussion of the company on the 29th. Either way, I’ll be there to look him in the eye.

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  5. Good morning, this trustees are really fucking bastards.

    Sorry for the language but I think you will understand why.

    I called Schwab and they had to manually look up the Control number so i can vote my shares ( I own in multiple accounts) Schwab said there is no way for me to look it up on their website because the number comes from a third-party Back in October I received an email by with the link and the control number. Schwab explained it was the companies choice on how to distribute the new control number. So Tpl management is obviously playing games

    Sorry for any typos doing this on the run


  6. Here is the process to get your vote in if you don’t have the paper proxy. This is Mackinzie Partners, a proxy solicitation firm. They are open until 6pm, West Coast time.

    Please feel free to call us to have your vote cast for the upcoming shareholder meeting.
    The number to reach us is: 800-322-2885.

    Mackenzie Partners Inc.


  7. Started a chat with Schwab assistant Tanya. She looked up and sent me my control number and I went to and cast my vote to get rid of them sumbitches. Super easy (Sorry Barry and Norris), if you haven’t received your proxy from them sumbitches, call or chat with your brokerage. Thanks Jim for the heads up……..

    First Dana, then Cookie………..we are coming for you Bert and Ernie…………

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