Open Questions from a Shareholder

Did McGinnis lie?

Did legacy Trustees, now co-chairs of the Board lie?

If so, should there be resignations?

Also if so, was conversion committee corrupted via lie?

Are existing (independent) board members comfortable with any of this?

Is existing management comfortable with this?

If not, what actions will they take?

Will TPL and lawyers be able to talk ISS into voting for “stability” (no on declassification) as it pertains to proposal #7?

If a majority of non-board and non-institutional (assuming ISS sides with board) shareholders vote to declassify (non-binding) will the board take it as a signal for action?

If McGinnis doesn’t get re-elected, what is the time frame for the Nominating Committee (Donald Cook (Chair), Donna Eps, Murray Stahl) to come up with a new candidate?

Post your questions in the comments.

One thought on “Open Questions from a Shareholder

  1. The mere raising of a series of questions regarding this McGinnis guy creates its own “instability” if true.
    I have raised the issue of ESG as having a very negative impact on TPL due to the regulatory agencies having the majority of Biden Pollyanna policies about fossil fuels. If there is a way to get out of ESG and be listed as a C Corp, s that do-able by the same creative manipulation that took an1880’s dissolution mandate out of existence? Otherwise, we are on a path towards extreme volatility until the 2022 and 2024 Congressional and Presidential elections, IMHO.


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