Post Conversion Volume

A rough approximation of daily $ traded value (closing price x volume) and, by extension, percentage of market cap traded shows (though its been hard to miss) that volume is up substantially post conversion. With volume at 70k shares at mid day and the price bouncing off ATH, today will be a another big one.

10 thoughts on “Post Conversion Volume

  1. I’ve been wondering who is doing all the buying? I guess wait for the 13G.

    After the last few years its hard to trust prices. haha but I’m good with it!

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  2. Gosh, another heavy day above 100k shares. this is crazy, wish I knew what everybody else seems to know.

    I felt the same way once when eating vanilla ice cream made from seaweed. tasted great and the maker told me it was really nutrient rich. Couldn’t enjoy it though, as something just didn’t seem right to me.

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      • schwab is showing me that over 600K shares traded today (03/19)? is this true?

        this is from seeking alpha showing the same


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        • Correct. Today (Friday March 19) there was a 427,236 share trade at the close, following a 60k share trade and 80k share trade at the close this past week. The one today is worth around $716 million… If total shares are 7.76 million that makes someone a ~ 5% owner by my back of the envelope calculations. A big fund or beginning of a stealth takeover move?

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        • It was quad witching day – fund rebalancing and options expiring and a bunch of stuff I don’t really understand but it means big volume for everyone.


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