CVX Ramp Up

Chevron plans to ramp up investment in North America’s biggest oil field through 2025, reversing the pandemic-driven production decline, the company said in an investor presentation Tuesday. Chief Executive Officer Mike Wirth surprised investors by restoring the million-barrel Permian target only a year after it disappeared from the company’s guidance as Covid-19 crashed energy markets.

9 thoughts on “CVX Ramp Up

  1. okay… now I know why the stock was up today. I’m quite pleased with how its working out. Anything on that BWS 1700 target? Things are crazy but I think its priced fairly with projections on oil. Thanks

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  2. The rocket ship has taken off! Where it stops nobody knows!

    This is not a “stock” in the traditional sense. It is an asset which makes money without any additional capital. And ZERO debt. I believe index funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, everyone wants in. And there are not enough shares to go around. The share price has been stunted for far too long! We finally have lift off!!!


  3. Well one of the overlooked issues which is very positive for TPL is the de facto moratorium of drilling on federal lands. Much of the delaware basin in New Mexico is federal land so while most of the companies have stockpiled drilling permits eventually they will be forced to drill on private land which is certainly advantageous to TPL.

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