If You’ve Got a Roadshow Meeting

Awesome deck.  I’m still absorbing.  Here are a few questions I’d ask:

1) Tell me about the 19 years.  How is that calculated?  How can I do it myself to verify?



2) 7% of royalty acreage is developed.  What’s the pragmatic maximum that this figure can get to.  It can’t be 100%.


3) When is that cash being returned?  And why is it in the slide deck as an ROC now?


8 thoughts on “If You’ve Got a Roadshow Meeting

  1. Clearly TOLT Blogger was given info from a source that he won’t share. This was asked last week as well.

    It’s fine. I believe him. It will happen. No need to share a source.

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  2. I’m not questioning his credibility, I’m simply asking if there is public information available so I can review the information myself.

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