4 thoughts on “New Website

  1. Okay. It so impressed me I added 10% to my position.

    No that’s not true. I was going to do that anyhow. I just can’t find anything that has as much potential.

    I do like that slide deck from the road show.

    best luck to all

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    • It looks like to me based off the new website and presentation management is really targeting investors to tell a story. To me all signs point to a C-Corp conversion which is HUGE. I cannot wait to vote against current management.

      Anyway: I would also suspect a huge stock split at some point to help improve liquidity.

      I plan on reaching out to the new head of IR (I’d love to know how much he is making) regarding buyback + captial allocation. The current investor deck fails to tell the buyback story (500m shares to 7.5m split adjusted) and the dumb luck the current team assumed.

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  2. Really incredible difference from old website to the new one. Hat’s off to TPL for that. The slide deck finally has what investors have been asking for-details, disclosure and comparisons.

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  3. I think that there has to be a stock split if big investors and brokerages jump on. It’s hard to peddle stocks at the current prices.

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