Mission Advisors Writes In Support of General Cook

Mission Advisors Issues Open Letter to Texas Pacific Land Trust Shareholders

This dissident consortium wants to interrupt the momentum. They want to change the proven, steady momentum that has made us outstanding returns. To what aim? Changing a long-proven successful business like TPL, without any clear reason – because there are none – is reckless.


11 thoughts on “Mission Advisors Writes In Support of General Cook

  1. It’s clear that Mission doesn’t like Oliver. I get it. Maybe the MLP idea wasn’t good. But the lack of mention of the points that HK has brought up, including the former CEO land sale/resignation/working at buyer and the undisclosed connections between Preston Young and Barry, make this look more like a personal vendetta than anything else. Oliver’s ideas might be good, might be bad, but he won’t have cart blanche if he is one of three trustees. I want him keeping tabs on Barry and figuring out what other shady dealings have been going on at TPL over the past 15 years. I am voting for Oliver.

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  2. I don’t understand how mission is the second largest shareholder. It doesn’t show that anywhere I have looked maybe I am wrong and someone else can clarify?

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  3. Mission does not comment on the lack of stock ownership by Trustees, lack of transparency, or inherent issues with lifetime trustee appointments. I agree his missive looks personal in nature.

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  4. Seriously? Do you actually own units?You actually think that the TPL guys are doing a good job with all the lack of transparency, and self serving acts, etc.? Also if you are the second largest holders that’s news to all. And so what? Big Deal.You are still ill informed and wrong. We have had enough of clubby insider stuff by lifetime Trustees with little expertise and little ownership. Overdue with cause for change.!
    And if you think that the status quo makes sense, I’m glad I’m not invested with you.

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  5. I looked up Mission Advisors and see that they are an investment firm in
    San Antonio where General Cook has lived for the last 18 years of his life. Could there be a connection?

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  6. Did anyone else notice how the writing really looks like a PR firm wrote it for Mission Advisors? So many references to “four star retired general Cook” and they general tone of the writing is to attack Eric Oliver.

    Not a word about the lack of insider stock ownership, the agency problem, lack of transparency or communication from management, suspect pay practices, the conflicts in interest, the lack of O&G experience, etc. Since its 2019, isn’t it prudent to make some changes to a governance model that is from 1888?

    Note this is “paid content” that somebody (probably TPL shareholders are paying) to put on Business Wire. Fine, someone with an Investment Advisory business recommends a Cook vote. But thats different than the owners of TPL at Mission Advisors actually voting that way.

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  7. Mission Advisers is in some serious trouble. They lied all through the press release. I looked at their ADV and they only Manage 92 million. There is no way they could be the second largest shareholder.
    I will be reporting Mission Advisers to the State of Texas Securities commission.

    Where is Mission Advisers chief compliance officer? You can’t say that stuff if said about Performance. Mission Advisers you are in some serious trouble.

    Also I bet David Barry and John Norris put him up to it. They are in some serious trouble to.

    Bad Boys Bad Boys What you going to do when the Cops (SEC) come running for you. Mission Advisers you made you bed now it is time to lie in it.

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  8. This is a complete lie, I guess if you know that you are going to be outed you will try anything. I hope they have plenty of reading material, their gonna need it for where their going.

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