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Overall good showing from the General. Confidence inspiring from a “level head” perspective. Will make the vote harder for some.

One needs to remember that much of what Cook talks about would never have been discussed in a public forum absent the proxy challenge from the WHITE card.

If nothing else, this video will have future use as a sleep aid.

Is there a scenario where we get Oliver and the General? Probably puts 20% on the stock in the following weeks if so.

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  1. He said no self Dealing. Talk to David Barry about no self dealing. What a bunch of BS.

    How about David Barry and his oil and gas company. That is a serious self dealing.

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  2. Wow. If anyone was on the fence as to who is the correct choice the two contrasting videos should put that to rest. He looked uneasy, evasive, never demonstrated his knowledge of Land leasing or Oil or anything that showed why he would be the correct choice. On top of all that he tried to cry at the end. That was one of the worst ‘performances’ I have ever seen. We all better pray Oliver gets elected.

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  3. Dear General Cook,

    There isn’t alot of water used in Drilling sir. Most of the Water is used to frack the well. Fracking is the completion side not the drilling side.

    After this video it is become clear that the two current trustee has something to hide.

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  4. He ducked a lot of my questions.

    On Apr 23, 2019 6:53 AM, Ezra Fowle wrote:
    General Cook,

    I have a few more:

    1. Please disclose how you were selected by TPL as a nominee, including the agency that sourced you as a candidate. Was this a prudent use of capital?

    2. Why do you want the job? What is the compensation agreement?

    Ezra Fowler

    On Apr 23, 2019 6:34 AM, Ezra
    General Cook,

    Thanks in advance for taking questions and being receptive to communications with TPL shareholders.

    1. What is your opinion on the trust insiders owning so few shares, especially in light of your governance experience? How do you view the concept of, “skin in the game, ” in relation to accountability?

    2. Please opine on the competitive threats to the TPWR business posed by Layne Midstream’s contract with the TX General Land office to be the exclusive supplier of water from public lands.

    3. If you had been a board member at the time, would you have approved the 10x pay increases to the staff or board and why?

    4. Since you have experience in governance, please detail how you would improve on it here.

    5. What are you reading, what trips have you made, and what people have you sought out outside of TPL to learn about Texas water and land issues as you get up to speed on the region and company?

    6. Did you approve the sale of BNSF to Berkshire and why?

    7. Please detail why I should vote for you when you have no direct oil, gas, land, or water experience. Please correct me if you do have experience in these industries.

    Ezra Fowler
    Las Vegas,NV

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