White Card Presentation + EO Video #3

SoftVest, L.P., Horizon Kinetics LLC, And ART-FGT Family Partners Publish Materials For Investors Of Texas Pacific Land Trust

Eric Oliver Also Releases New Video

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DALLAS, April 23, 2019

DALLAS, April 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — SoftVest, L.P., Horizon Kinetics LLC and ART-FGT Family Partners, which collectively beneficially own over 25% of the outstanding shares of Texas Pacific Land Trust (NYSE: TPL), released today a presentation highlighting the need for change at TPL, and Eric Oliver’s actionable plan to maximize value for TPL investors. 

Eric Oliver also released a new video addressing the incumbent Trustees’ refusal to deliver a copy of the NOBO list and previously undisclosed conflicts of interest of the incumbents’ initial choice of trustee. 

The presentation and video are now available at https://horizonkinetics.com/tpl/.

TPL investors with any questions about voting their shares should contact D.F. King, SoftVest LP’s proxy solicitor, by phone (212-269-5550) or e-mail (TPL@dfking.com).

One thought on “White Card Presentation + EO Video #3

  1. Every Oliver video only raises more questions for current management. And management’s behavior in response only raises more questions about those questions. (Release the NOBO, guy!. Let everyone see all sides of the debate.) Getting harder to wave away the reek of good ol’ boy cosiness riding their royal flush. General Cook will need to unveil some seriously amazing facts to show we’ve all misjudged the hidden brilliance of management. Not hopeful though.

    Oliver really needs to be a trustee.

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