Meeting Tomorrow

Is it happening?

Is it open?

Is there a zoom link?

If anyone writes to the company and gets a response, can you share it here?


17 thoughts on “Meeting Tomorrow

  1. Sent an email to IR this morning asking if there was a Zoom link to the meeting and just received this response from Shawn Amini:

    There is not.

    Terse, to the point, with nothing cordial in the response. No ‘Thank you for your inquiry’, no ‘Sincerely yours’, nothing that would be considered professional. Just “There is not.”

    Sad, really.


    • Shawn in the past I have found to be cordial and professional.

      I suspect the IR job is now unpleasant since the Glass Lewis decision came down. In addition the trial, with statements from the judge stating proxy material was “false and misleading” has probably led to the job being a hot seat with unhappy shareholders asking tough questions. The company position isn’t defendable so he has nothing to say.

      Its going to be very interesting what happens tomorrow. Really feels like Norris and Barry are running out of runway to avoid ending the 2022 annual meeting.

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  2. Same here… Amini’s response to me was only:

    > Meeting is in person only

    WhoTF do they think they are? I look forward to the day when they’re gone.


  3. Meeting is on. I plan to be there. I suspect it will be pretty short. From how I understand it they have only two or three options – announce results on Prop 4, adjourn meeting for another date and/or adjourn the meeting. No new business can be conducted

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    • I had high expectations for a mix between the end of Trading Places (Murray & EO replace Eddie Murphy & Dan Aykroyd) and UFC 80 with (BJ Penn winning a second weight class is replaced with a second proxy fight win.)


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