5 thoughts on “Courtroom Update 4/18

    • No thanks. I would dump my TPL shares (which many investors are doing) and invest those proceeds in another O&G royalty such as PSK or PBT run by competent and ethical management long before I’d ever invest in lawyers attempting to win a judgement against incompetent and unethical management.


  1. Doing a little searching for information for TPL on line this morning, look what I found! A “Free” article from AAII grading TPL as an investment. Just more information to digest [Grin]. What I was really looking for was any update on the trial in Delaware. They appear to be in the process of preparing after trial briefs before the judge issues his ruling. He expects it won’t end there because the loser will appeal and it will be decided by the Delaware Supreme Court. It doesn’t sound like this is going to be resolved very soon.



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