Bloomberg Takes Note

TPL investors have become desensitized to the absurdity of its governance. The incentives of personal enrichment, power, and resume building appear to nearly always trump serving the will of shareholders. Looks like the outside world is starting to notice.

3 thoughts on “Bloomberg Takes Note

  1. It’s ironic management who us anti-shareholder interest is using shareholder money to sue investors who are pro-shareholder.
    Management has something planned with this dilution that will be detrimental to common shareholders.
    Give us a bunch of money and we will use our boundless knowledge and experience to invest in… something. Look at what we have done just cashing the checks. This bunch don’t know if they are afoot or horseback but they want us to believe in their vision.

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  2. Happy New Year, everyone… hopefully another great one for TPL stock. Did anyone notice the SEC Form 4s submitted on Dec. 29 showing sales from insiders Glover (304 shares), Dobbs (92), Steddum (182), and Buffington (23)? Is this just some kind of standard procedural sale, or something else? Meanwhile, Stahl continues with his daily purchases.


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