BRK Annual Meeting

Buffett and Munger on oil, buybacks, and TPL (4:49:25)

“They bought stock week, after week, after week.”

Keep listening into the early 5th hour for thoughts of WB and CM on independent directors.

2 thoughts on “BRK Annual Meeting

  1. TPL was WB’s second ever stock purchase when he was like 12, and even then his whole investment thesis was buybacks! I don’t think he said when he sold. But he did say “and they’ve changed their form”, which I took to mean he noticed the change to a C corp, so it’s still on his radar at least a little bit.

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  2. what’s funny to me is that TPL is probably the 3rd best investment I have ever made. It took me nearly 20 years of investing (and learning) to get here. WB got there when he was 11 years old. ahahahahha.

    My ole dad may have been right when told me I was a slow learner.

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