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  1. Please give me a detailed answer as to why the receipt of proxys via mail or electronically has been delayed where shares are held directly or in street name.

    I don’t recall every having this problem in 38 years of investing in any company in which I own stock.

    How will you prevent this next year?

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    • Did anyone else see the rules of conduct of the TPL meeting? It’s in the document section of the Lumi waiting room, along with a shareholder listing. One of the rules:

      “ 4. The views, constructive comments, and criticisms of our stockholders are welcome, but the purposes of the Annual Meeting will be observed, and the Chair does not intend to address any questions that are:
      (a) irrelevant to the business of the Annual Meeting;
      (b) related to the conduct of the Company’s ordinary business operations;
      (c) in substance repetitious of statements made by other persons;
      (d) derogatory references to personalities or comments that are otherwise in bad taste;
      (d) personal claims or grievances, or proposals to further a personal interest;
      (e) unduly long;
      (f) related to pending or threatened litigation;
      (g) related to material non-public information of the Company or other information that the Company is required or well-advised to keep confidential; or
      (h) otherwise deemed out of order or inappropriate by the Chair in his sole discretion.
      In making any determinations, the Chair may, in his sole discretion, consult with counsel“

      The chair can also end the meeting with technical difficulties. Amazing.

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  2. 1. Did Dana McGinnis own the 177,223 shares that was claimed?

    2. Can the board make the findings of the McGinnis share inquiry public, and if not, can you comment as to why the board is choosing to not make it public?

    3. Was there ever a moment in TPL’s existence where Mission Advisors was the second largest shareholder of TPL?

    4. Does the compensation committee believe that executives should benefit from the performance of the passive portions of the business – OR – Should executive variable compensation come only from the actively managed portions of the business?

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  3. 1- How many total W-2’s will be issued for 2021 and how many relate to the water company business?

    2- Whenwill you hold the next Annual Meeting? Will you consider holding it in the Spring as all public companies with Calder year fiscal years do? Note even companies that go public in January as you created our Company hold the first annual meeting in the spring.

    3- One of our directors has 20 years of experience as a Chairman and CEO. Of a publicly traded company. At his company’s Annual meeting s and quarterly conference calls he takes and responds fully to every single question posed by anyone AND when time runs out he has reprised the meeting a week later and responded to all remaining questions previously not responded to. Why don’t you use the long experience of your board colleague Mr. Stahl as the way to handle all questions asked today?

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