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  1. I sent my letter to the Board 10 days ago. I just received a call from TPL’s investor relations department. They wanted to reach out to answer any questions or get any feedback. They said they are happy to talk to any shareholder (with 1 share or an institutional holder). So, call TPL investor relations with any comments (they asked!!!). 214-646-8344

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    • @Alan What feedback did you give them?

      If they’re actively soliciting feedback, we should get a thread with a few bullet points for the TPL-Blog crew to have at the ready if we get similar calls. Always more powerful if they hear consistent messaging from their shareholders!

      ~Repurchase shares more aggressively
      ~Stop fighting shareholders and shareholder proposals
      ~Prove that they are interested in listening to shareholders by including all proposals, even the proposals that the SEC has already said they didn’t need to include, on the proxy
      ~Pass the declassified board proposal in the boardroom and respond the the public shareholder letter confirming that the action was taken
      ~Don’t even think about delaying the meeting again, and deduct any postponement costs from the bonuses of the executive team
      ~Allow all shareholders to ask calls on the quarterly conference calls
      ~Stop considering M&A. We don’t trust this team to do that. Terminate the employee that joined to do M&A. Give clearer guidance through all communication mediums that that is definitively not in the plans.

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      • @ Disgruntled Shareholder

        I mainly discussed how it was a joke and disgusting that the original trustees are not up for election. I discussed the fact you cannot ask questions on the quarterly conference calls. I discussed it was odd and wrong to have a meeting on one of the last business days of the year.

        They listened without much real response (legally they cannot but notes were taken).

        I urge people to call. That is a great bullet point list above.

        TPL investor relations with any comments (they asked!!!). 214-646-8344

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