14 thoughts on “Proxy Portal

  1. I’m voting no on everything except auditor. The no votes won’t win, but if everyone who reads the blog votes no, we can at least get an idea of how large the discontent is in terms of share count. Important to send a message.

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    • I do not ever remember seeing a major financial firm initiate an opinion with a SELL opinion. They may do a buy or hold opinion and later go to a sell–but never do I remember a sell opinion up front .
      My family is in with the no votes with 2500. As the old radio host (Paul Harvey) used to say about the “rest of the story” . hopefully We will get it.

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  2. These directors are a joke, thinking that the golden goose of land they operate and high oil prices/the economic recovery will keep them free to do as they please. How do we actually keep them accountable, given that the no votes won’t win??

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  3. 1500 to the no on everything but the auditor as well. I am struggling to understand what the HK people accomplish by being on the board if they have to vote their massive shares for the boards recommendations. Seems better if they were outside again. Sad face emoji.

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  4. anybody understand the detail of how the share voting will work with regards to board members having to vote their shares for the board recommendations? Specifically those held by HK. Does MS have to vote all HK shares for the recommendations or do individual owners of HK fund get to vote proxies as well?


    • That’s a good question – I know MS had to agree to vote with the BOD recommendations in their settlement agreement, but I don’t recall if that meant the shares he personally owns or all the shares held by HK that are owned by their clients too. His Form 4s only show the shares he personally owns, I wonder if that means those are the only shares he has to vote with the BOD?

      In any case, it would be odd for him to vote his personal shares with the BOD and then have HK vote against, that would be a big conflict. So I’m assuming in either scenario all the MS and HK shares are going to be voted as per BOD recommendations.


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