2021 Proxy Statement


One accounting firm, three board members, and four (4) comp proposals.

The proposals in the prior post didn’t make the cut. I suspect HQ will be up to their eyeballs in proposals next summer.

“The maximum aggregate number of shares of common stock that may be issued under the 2021 Plan is 75,000 shares, all of which can be issued pursuant to the exercise of incentive stock options.”

4 thoughts on “2021 Proxy Statement

  1. “We expect to use treasury shares that we acquire on the open market from our previously announced stock repurchase program and future stock repurchases as the source of common stock to be issued under the 2021 Directors Plan.”

    So indirectly the money being spent on share repurchases is just going into the Directors’ pockets.

    We can all vote to be heard, but it won’t really result in much because Stahl agreed to vote as per BOD recommendations in their settlement agreement. Thats a big chunk of votes to overcome.


  2. $84,000,000 going into the executive suite and BOD as bonuses? I would like to know how this compares to much larger corporations (and how do you get that gig?).


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