A Dividend and a Date


The specificity of the planned conversion date is most welcome. And $10/share is better than a sharp stick in the eye while a heavy slug of cash remains on the balance sheet.

I’ll stay away from over-reading the dividend tea leaves for the time being. The “new guys”, having a ton of cash and freedom, might go in a direction that makes us wish conversion happened a long time ago.

Let us never forget that this all could have been avoided.

Happy Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “A Dividend and a Date

  1. Confirms to me that TPL has weathered the pandemic plunge. Yes, oil prices crashed with global drop in consumption, which in turn hammered a lot of the over-leveraged Permian plays. But the beauty of TPL is no debt, so as oil biz consolidates and oversupply corrects, the Trust just has to sit pretty until price per barrel heads back up. Also looks like most of the drilling on TPL land continued regardless, while many other oil regions trimmed massively, got hit by hurricanes and didn’t permit for offshore drilling (as in Florida to appease the voters).

    Does anyone know a way to track the active wells on TPL land?

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  2. Giddy Up! Next stop $700! I think 2021 is setting up nicely for the stock price to double. C corp conversion coupled with an increase in demand in Oil with the drastic decrease in supply means oil prices will continue to rise. Cant wait!

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