WFH; Conversion Pushed Back

The great “productivity from home” competency that companies and workers took pride in during the pandemic apparently didn’t extend to the TPL management or its legal representation. Not surprised.

New board members now getting a taste of the shit show to which they are attached.

12 thoughts on “WFH; Conversion Pushed Back

  1. Please guys, the old trustees don’t seem to be in control, new “board” with Stahl and company having a lot of skin in the game. Patience! Also, couldn’t be a worse time for gas and oil prices… value will out…unfortunately it’s a hard pill to swallow when so many “growth” stocks are running to the moom.

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  2. Patience. Our time will come. We all know this is a $1,500 stock. We’ve waited a year and a half… what’s another few months. We will see an almost immediate rise once it finally converts. So buy all you can at these prices.

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  3. This was my post from March 23 for the “Underwhelmed” topic, so I get something right every once in a while 🙂

    I think its almost certain they are going to use the coronavirus as an excuse, so don’t expect anything until the end of Q4 (in my opinion). I’m assuming the one thing that was not part of their legal settlement was a timeframe to decide on the conversion and the implementation. The trustees will use that to their full advantage. Ofcourse, the longer it takes, the more they have to pay Credit Suisse and Stifel, so they won’t be in a rush either.

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  4. I really really miss the old days before all this rot was exposed. Shares were bought back. It was just an ordinary old quiet trust. Now its feels to me like all the other crap on wall street. I’m bitter. I’m still holding but sometimes I wonder if maybe I should split it up between TPL and Prairie Sky. eh. I’m really not impressed with the current rot of management and trustees. Good luck all.

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  5. Funny how the trustees found time at the height of the pandemic months ago to get their indemnification agreement in place, wonder why that was not delayed because of the virus?

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