3 thoughts on “Steve Bregman on Energy

  1. Definitely good listening. Was that a hint during the podcast that buybacks have started? I was wondering why the TPL share price has held up relatively well over the past 3 days, could it be?

    Now that the decision on the conversion has been made, maybe they are free to buy…. lets hope!

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  2. I had the same impression and it’s clear that the new “board” had a “quiet period” for buying shares although it looked like there was light activity from HK. Obviously we all believe that TPL is undervalued and I suppose that the folks at HK look at the soft price as being a significant buying opportunity. We just have to resign ourselves that it will take a bit longer to play out but in this world patience is more important than ever. The conversion to a “C” will be very beneficial…there’s lots of cash out there and hopefully some of it will recognize what Stahl/Bregman and HK have seen for a long time.

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