Wildest Campaign of the Year

Sidley Ranked No. 1 for Activism Defense

Sidley was ranked No. 1 among law firms for activism defense for the first eight months of 2019, according to data provided by SharkRepellent/FactSet*. The No. 1 ranking reflects 14 public activism campaigns, including the largest director election contest of the 2019 proxy season, Texas Pacific Land Trust in its proxy contest defense against SoftVest and Horizon Kinetics. The Texas Pacific Land Trust defense was also deemed the “Wildest Campaign of the Year” by Activist Insight, marking the second year in a row that Sidley has led the defense in such a campaign.


8 thoughts on “Wildest Campaign of the Year

  1. was this a successful defense? for anybody but the lawyers being paid? I agree with you ipahophead. The officers and trustees should pay it all back. In my opinion they operated against the purpose of the trust and the will of the owners of said trust.

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  2. I disagree. We won’t know for sure until the committee finishes but I think the activists won. Got legal fees paid and I am hoping that Oliver becomes a trustee and gets the same protection as the two originals since he did win the position. I could see a settlement of say 7 directors – 3 originals have longer terms and 4 newcomers that serve 2-3 year terms. I will not grade this transaction till we get the final recommendation.

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  3. Sidley blocked a trustee election that wasn’t going the right way for TPL, forced a committee where the largest shareholders don’t have a majority, and Craig Hodges was added who wasn’t an activist.

    The court case ended. TPL stopped buying shares, thus holding up HK and SV in their effort to consolidate power, and a last minute emergency meeting to elect Eric Oliver didn’t count.

    I’d say Sidley defended TPL well whether any of us like it or not.

    They completely dominated legal proceedings. Hell, Cook (a random and unelected outsider) is even on the committee against our will! Sidley hit a home run for TPL, but not for us.

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  4. The blame is on the Stahl group. However they did not suffer. They drove the price down and bought. There is nothing you or I can do about it. The trustees did not pick this fight but they won it. The Law was on their side.


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