11 thoughts on “September Update?

  1. HK has purchased TPL stock every trading day since May 4th, and stopped making purchases on September 17th. That is 94 trading days in a row, and now a three day gap in purchases.

    This suggests as a possible reason there is news coming soon, and as insiders they cannot keep acquiring shares due to insider knowledge.

    Am thinking this is a good sign. Fingers crossed!

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  2. I hope its good news too, Ted. I have been reading that it will take Saudi Arabia months to totally fix everything with that ‘drone’ strike. I’m optimistically bullish on oil because of that. Knock on wood all of these catalysts manifest to make the bullish case for TPL even better.


  3. It na6 be good, but considering that the trust and HK have been the primary buyers for most of the past few decades, we may see liquidity dry up in the short term.

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  4. No additional purchases by HK on Monday. After 94 consecutive trading days with purchases every day, we now are at four days without any buying. Something has changed.

    Nobody yet knows the reason….but time will tell. I think its a sign of a trading blackout due to a significant announcement soon. It could be the September special committee status report.

    Wonder if the special committee will wait until the last day of September for the release of the status report, or even later into October?

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  5. In the filing for the 5 shares purchased on 09/24, one of the footnotes states that the total number of shares held now includes a previously unreported fund in which the Investment Manager was determined to have a financial interest. This is why the number of shares held by HK jumped by 10000+. So what I gather from this is that they are buying their usual 40-50 shares per day, but are also selling a simliar number of shares in this previously unreported fun per day – which means on a net basis, they are actually only buying 5 shares a day.

    This is interesting, and I have to say a bit deceiving from HK if this is true. They were only reporting their buys, but not their sales in another fund. Not really sure what all this means, but if they were only buying around 5 shares per day (net) for the past few months, its very different than the 50 shares a day they were reporting.

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