EPIC Midstream

HOUSTON, Aug 15 (Reuters) – EPIC Midstream Holdings Inc on Thursday shipped its first crude on its 400,000 barrel per day (bpd) pipeline from the Permian Basin to the U.S. Gulf Coast, pushing Midland prices higher, traders said.

Terminal operator Moda Midstream LLC confirmed it would be accepting the Permian crude from the EPIC line at its facility in Ingleside, Texas, by Friday. Oil prices in Midland, the heart of the Permian shale field, rallied to 50 cents per barrel over U.S. crude futures.

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  1. If the cheap capital goes away and/or interest rise rise, won’t frackers reduce their needs to go to TPL? In other words, HOW dependent IS TPL on Fracking? I never see this concern mentioned much.


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