Banker On Board

Sameer Parasnis

Mr. Parasnis has over 20 years of financial experience, nearly 17 of which have been in banking. He has a wealth of experience advising companies in the oil and gas industry on equity capital markets, debt capital markets and strategic M&A, with a considerable focus on the Permian Basin. Prior to joining TPL, Mr. Parasnis served as a Managing Director of Stifel Financial Corporation’s oil and gas team in Houston and was instrumental in helping the firm develop its upstream investment banking advisory franchise.

7 thoughts on “Banker On Board

  1. My mind goes immediately to a buyout, although I suppose Mr. Parasnis could help with business development and other things important to a multibillion dollar trust.

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  2. forgive my skepticism, but a ‘trust’ doesn’t need another executive with a multi-million dollar salary. When Maurice Meyers left as head trustee everything went to pot. Now we have a bunch of (in my opinion) clowns running around pretending they are adults. I am surprised they even disclosed this. I’m still waiting to officially hear about N677J and everything else they bought.

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  3. Maybe we get the conversion and the spin all at the same time. Or we find out what the bids for the trust are. 25 billion séms like the right #

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  4. I think this news spells volumes…..seems there could be a spin in our future or other monetizing events. The press release shows he has relevant O & G experience, and has been advising the trust (obviously in a paid consultant capacity) since 2017.

    TPL is no longer a sleepy cash the royalty checks business. This says it Texas loud.

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