Now that we are all friends again, can we restart the buybacks?

If I may be so bold, I suggest a dutch auction to get around rule 10b-18.

How does one put $150-$200MM to work in buybacks if total volume in the name is $7-10MM per day?

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  1. I’m Buying as much as I can at these prices. Maybe we see $600 or less. Some details: 30% drop in TPL from ATH, but only 17% drop in oil prices from highs. Litigation, no buybacks and poor earnigns due to litigation I think are the responsibles, but now no more litigation and expected a c-corp conversion in near future as earnigs can increase to normality and much more. Buybacks in my mind all the day.

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  2. There are some major issues with this security right now.

    As I have said before, there are two main buyers: the investor group and the trust. The trust has stopped buying and the investor group is busy working to make their stake have weight. There is no vacuum running to suck up shares, and we were spoiled in the past. The investor group has soem serious risk if their voice is ignore. The trustees are attempting to piss off everyone by blowing gobs of money on lawyers, planes, houses, the water business, and by stopping their buybacks. The goal is to make everyone mad at the investor group. It’s childish and BS.

    After the initial excitement about the water business, there are some major questions about the use of capital for that business. As employee count grows and the water business grows, the thesis is essentially blown.

    They’re either going to have to use the capital to ramp the water business and spin it, or they’re going to have to pay a special dividend.

    As for right now, they should buy back what they can every day. At least a dividend would allow us to be the buyers if they can’t do it, but we’re all terribly aggravated by the lack of a skilled capital allocator running the trust.

    As a side note, has very detailed buys and sells for the stock. They show Hodges dumped 24% 1st qtr.

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  3. This too shall pass. Barry is a crook flat out a deal has to be made otherwise back to court Jan 1 .Don’t think Judge will be to happy with the crook. Most of the action is a direct result of the rapid slow down in growth and inflation which is weighing heavily on Commodities . if you have a 6 month hold period that’s one thing but if you have a 10 year hold period stop whining and buy some stock.

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  4. Daniel Pérez Sotelo is right. So is Ezra, Dwight and Holder. These are incredible values. I’m going to load up some more in the morning. I just am running out of cash unless I sell something else. Scrooge McDuck is basically what my portfolio is right now. lol

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