2 thoughts on “Trustee Opposition to 12(c)

  1. With the new Judge Boyle timeline, and the abbreviated discovery process, this motion in response to the Counterclaim Plaintiffs original motion is not very significant in importance.

    My lawyer brother says what becomes important is both sides final arguments based on the discovery documents and depositions. (Aug 30th for the CounterClaim Defendants and September 13 for the CounterClaim Plantiffs). This motion is sort of a free response by the CounterClaim Defendants to the original motion, a chance to share some case law, and a lot of editorial opinions on misstatements (in their opinion) by the CounterClaim Plantiffs, but there really isn’t much new here.

    A strong rebuttal case can be made in a small number of pages. The length of this response to the motion suggests a strategy where all kinds of possible reasons on why they are right are offered, in case a few happen to be considered favorably.

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