When Shareholder Votes Count

Update: Rice Brothers Win Control of EQT

They did it.  They held the meeting.


Rice group set to take control of EQT board in proxy contest

It was a classy move by the EQT board to actually count the votes and to not tell the shareholders to drop dead the night before the meeting.  I guess they still technically have time to do so.

Enough votes have been cast for the Rice brothers to defeat EQT’s slate of directors and take over the board in what has become the most prominent fight for control of a board since Starboard Value waged and won its proxy contest at Darden Restaurants Inc in 2014, the sources said.

Two sources said that the pair is expected to have won seven seats on the 12-member board.

Investors can vote until EQT’s annual meeting begins in Pittsburgh at 8 a.m. on Wednesday. But with big investors ranging from T.Rowe Price to the California Teachers Retirement System pension fund having already thrown their support to the brothers, sources say their win is all but assured.

2 thoughts on “When Shareholder Votes Count

  1. Its pretty easy to see decency. And just as easy to see a total lack of decency. I hope these trustee’s get what they deserve!!!

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  2. Thanks for sharing this. Its nice to see other examples of the same pissing match TPL shareholders are in against ‘trustees’ in name only. Hopefully ours fight will go our way as well. We can’t undo the damage done by past decisions motivated by who knows what but at least we can stop the bleeding for the future.

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