Deliberate in Secret

A far more important issue, though, is that the rules of the Charter you constructed require, among other philosophically interesting conditions, that the Committee members deliberate this topic in secret. Nor may they release any information, even after the conclusion of the Committee’s work, without your approval. Yet, that is contrary to the well and universally accepted principles of responsible and ethical corporate governance.

Sounds like the HK rep was being invited to a mob hit.

4 thoughts on “Deliberate in Secret

  1. I agree that this is a total sham if they have to keep it under wraps. The trustees seem to forget that they have a limited scope and that we shareholders get the only votes. They’ve stacked the deck with the four they put on the committee, and in fact, the trustees shouldn’t be on it, onlu shareholders who get a vote on the results.

    This is an effort to show the court that they want to play nice and nothing more, when in reality, it’s another way to withhold info from the owners. I hope that the judge sees through this garbage.

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  2. So what happens at 5pm tomorrow when the deadline passes? Do they carry on with the committee and invite somebody else to take the 5th seat? This is getting very interesting.

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  3. Since the Trustee’s are unwilling to share a list of all shareholders…I am wondering how WE on this awesome blog might be proactive to this extent? Is there a way, or does anyone have any ideas for how best to handle this? Effectively circumventing anything needed by the Trustees? I am open to suggestions. This is getting absurd. Also, I would suggest that private shareholders form some sort of proactive meeting/video conference etc. I am sure HK/EO etc can have limited interaction here — but maybe not. Again open to ideas. These horrible Trustee’s with zero skin in the game need to go NOW

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