Trustees Respond

Texas Pacific Land Trust Responds to Dissident Group’s Latest Attempt to Mislead Shareholders

Since the Trust had previously announced that the meeting would be delayed until June 6, millions of shares had not even been voted at the time the Dissident Group decided to hold its sham “meeting” on May 22, 2019 – apparently the Dissident Group had no qualms disenfranchising these shareholders. The Dissident Group failed to mention that a clear majority of the non-Dissident Group shareholders had submitted proxies to elect General Cook at that point; this may explain why the Dissident Group wanted to cut the election short and not wait for the remaining millions of shares to get voted.

Let’s have another meeting then. Oh, right.



2 thoughts on “Trustees Respond

  1. What a joke of a press release!! Where are our financials. There is never 100% shareholder votes ever!!!

    Some of the color on the plane and townhouse are somewhat helpful … but again – the ‘trust’ has totally deviated from its initial intent!! Buyback units and return capital to shareholders in the most efficient manner. I cannot wait to go to the next shareholder meeting whenever that is … I will be loud and vocal with these so called trustees.

    We need an adult in the room NOW! We need to be buying back shares and we need improved corporate governance/convert into a c-Corp!

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  2. Lol. This press release is comical. “We won the last three quarters by a combined 15 points, and so even though we lost the first quarter by 100 points, we actually won if you don’t count the first quarter!” Silly.

    It definitely appears as though with the recent updates, they aren’t making much headway with the negotiations.

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