8 thoughts on “5/22 Shareholder Meeting Video

  1. WOW!! This is amazing. Eric did such a good job…very, very knowledgable and professional…acted very claim when things became tense. What is going on here is utterly ridiculous by those currently in power. Sack the two remaining Trustee’s they have no shame!

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  2. Interesting that Craig Hodges appears at around the 18 minute mark expressing his displeasure (to out it mildly) about the Trust’s lack of transparency and not getting a callback in 20 years!

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  3. Excellent meeting once the Q&A started. In retrospect, it would have been great to have a 2-3 minute overview of what was going to happen: 1) we will have the formal meeting followed by Q&A, 2) the vast majority of votes are via proxy and already cast, 3) this meeting and the outcome will be challenged by TPL, 4) we invite the TPL management and trustees to this or any future meeting to take questions and share the stage. IMO Oliver would only enhance his case if he did online townhall meetings and invited the Trust to do the same.

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    • Meyer deserves a third of fbe blame for this. We give him a pass because be owned a lot of stock. Really though, he was a big part of this shitstorm we are in.

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  4. Looked up the bio’s on the lawyers sparring in the video, from their respective firms web pages. Impressive credentials. Looks like to me the “dissidents” have a better lawyer for this kind of case, however both are very talented.

    The unfortunate part here is we are paying for this as shareholders.

    For the “dissidents”:

    For the trustees:

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  5. A word of praise for the steady camerawork. This could have gone full ‘Saving Private Ryan’ handheld gonzo, but no — holding firm. Unlike the share price till this proxy fight is over.

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    • I believe the video was professionally done. A nice high definition picture, worked well in difficult light. And obviously on a tripod. Panning the camera to those talking.

      My second guess is HK and Softvest had this done to document the proceedings for the expected court fight. Very clever to avoid any confusion on what happened and was it a legal meeting. Since HK released it, it makes sense they own it, and are also signaling the opposition they have documented what went on.

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