2 thoughts on “Warm Greeting

  1. HK would be wise to put together impromptu get together tonight at a local hotel or restaurant to welcome all the people that traveled to the event so they can share their message in person… shake a few hands, answer some questions, and introduce their vision. hard to believe they’d have a better opportunity than this.


  2. Will HK and Softvest still try to hold the meeting and the previously announced location, in spite of the nicely printed sign (paid for by us!)? Or are they planning to hold the meeting in the lobby, or at a nearby location with the two trustees absent?

    Am thinking HK and Softvest want to get the vote total out in the public, so no matter what happens on the court challenge, or the legality of the meeting shareholders will know, Would not be surprised to see a lopsided vote in favor of Oliver, which will make it even more obvious the duplicity of the trustees.

    We are in uncharted territory here with a six page trust from 1888 that is short on details for these kind of situations. As a lawyer friend of mine says, “anything is legal until somebody disagrees and sues”.

    Today will be interesting! All the TPL news, today on TPLblog. Film at 11.

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