4 thoughts on “Complaint Against Oliver

  1. the trustees are hiding something!!! Why is the General allowing himself to be used in this manner?


    • A review of the complaint seems to be this is an attempt to “throw everything against the wall and see if anything sticks” . They take 35 pages in a civil complaint, which really says they have nothing, When there are legitimate complaints, those can be made in far fewer pages, and more clearly than this method.

      The injunctive relief request is to have all sorts of dead ends explored with Eric Oliver, and then, assuming he survives the process, a do-over election with a 60 day campaign time frame. All on our nickel, since the executives and trustees have so few shares.

      HK and Softvest have legal representation who must be saying its a frivolous case and just press for the meeting to be held since they are acting like they have the votes.

      The entering of the case less than 24 hours from the meeting is another sign the trustees are desperate. Would the court agree? Can the meeting be held if the trustees do not show up? Will the law office venue just lock their doors tomorrow and take the day off? I applaud the plan to proceed, but have concerns.
      If it works, that would be wonderful. If it doesn’t I still expect a flurry of related lawsuits targeting the trustees who are not acting in the shareholder interest.

      Another thought since HK has enough shares to call a special meeting would be to request a recall election. That might be the fastest approach, get the two trustees out of there, and then lets have an election for three trustees.

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  2. Does anyone know the “scheduled” time for today’s meeting? Or have any sense when we can get any trickle of news as to whether HK plan success or fails? Really hoping HK play works so we can finally start the (now long) process of bringing this saga to an end and start using our money to buy back shares!


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