With Your Own Eyes

File this under ‘better late than never’. If you are able to go on Wednesday, I think you should make the effort to do so. The stewards of our capital deserve your keen observation.

How will the Trustees react to and interact with shareholders who clearly aren’t on the same page as they are?

5 thoughts on “With Your Own Eyes

  1. Good point. Might decide some ideas from the dark side are not so bad. Hard to deny Eric Oliver understands the company, geography, and industry.

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  2. I want to know how much of our shareholder money has been WASTED on this STUPID endeavor. I also want to know why so little buybacks recently. The Trust really should answer White’s questions

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  3. I just got another Blue package in the mail via Schwab. The fourth I think. I vote White weeks ago and I’m not changing. Oliver will shine a light on management, which just keeps acting like it’s hiding stuff.


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