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SEC Filing

Notes (no guarantee that any of this is right):

  • “Simple” balance sheets and ISs are a thing of the tax now as we have tax escrow, depreciated PP&E, and acquisition carrying values to navigate
  • Balance sheet at $405MM is 5.7x that of a year ago.  New property goes on BS at cost.  Old stuff has no accounting value.  Quickly getting on WB’s radar for its excellent price to book
  • Rude and crude water margin calculator shows margin expansion for the quarter. Again, this assumes all expense increases after ’16 are water related.  Certainly not perfect
  • I calculate the “non-sale” (no sale income included) EBTDA to be $73MM.  $73MM taxed at 20% = $58.4MM or $234MM/year.  20x = $4.67B.  30x = $7B.  Current mkt cap is $6.13B.  Implied multiple = 26x.  Again, very back of the envelope
  • The statement of cashflows seems kinda useless now as one has to immediately back out asset sales from CFO
  • Repurchases down 35% from first quarter last year.  Divs up 47%.  I don’t want dividends; I want my % stake increased
  • Water PP&E went from $62.9MM at year end to $71.6MM.  A total increase of $8.7MM.   Total buybacks in the quarter were $4.3MM
  • Fixed asset purchases of $9.3MM in Q1 (assuming mostly water equipment) are pretty close to my calculated $11MM in water EBTDA.  Fixed asset purchases don’t hit expense line.  How long does this last?  How long are the useful lives of water assets?
  • Legal and professional fees increased 175.6% to $1.8 million for the three months ended March 31, 2019 from $0.6 million for the comparable period of 2018. The increase in legal and professional fees for the three months ended March 31, 2019 compared to 2018 is principally due to increased legal and professional fees related to land transactions, new water agreements and proxy fees.”
    • Can we get a more granular breakout?
  • Compensation up 2.5x YoY

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