May 22nd at Law Offices of the Trust

Can they commit to it?

Letter from White card group

“Many shareholders are making travel plans to attend the scheduled meeting. They – and every other shareholder – deserve to know that the incumbents are committed to holding a vote, as scheduled, at 10:00amon May 22nd regardless of who is ahead in the vote count at that time. We are asking the incumbents to publicly commit todayto bring this matter to a vote on May 22.

8 thoughts on “May 22nd at Law Offices of the Trust

  1. I like the clever strategy by HK to pin down the trustees on the election happening on May 22nd. It really boxes them in to have the meeting, since if they don’t its going to look like either they have something to hide, or are badly losing in the count. It also sows the idea the trustees are sneaky and might move the election, even if they don’t comm

    Well played, White Card team.

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  2. Yes I got another 8 proxies today. I love it when they waste my money. Horizon is acting like they have the votes. its funny because I talked to David Barry on the phone and he said Horizon would not consider compromise candidates at some point and they would only vote for Oliver. I asked him if it was possible that they had the votes and he could not comprehend it.

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    • Bdawg, this is due to people having multiple accounts with TPL holdings. Have shares in a taxable account, and an IRA, and manage two custodial accounts, So any proxy mailings are x4. I have received so far two mailings for team blue and also two for team white, Latest was for team blue today, with four proxies received.
      Maybe you still will get more of them in the mail.

      The good news is in just two weeks until the frivolous spending on this campaign by TPL management will be over.

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    • I have Roth, ira and personal accounts as well as advising on accounts for my dad, my wife and one of my children. For every account that has shares you should receive a proxy. I have only received one set from horizons group but two or three from the incumbents and I suspect it is not over. I am hoping for a historic thrashing and a resounding no vote from the owners of the company. Hope springs eternal

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