2 thoughts on “HK Stresses Alignment and the General Tweets

  1. My ‘Like’ is solely for the HK filing showing the relative investments. I only own 300 shares, but that is the same amount as Trustee #2, and also the total owned by both General Agents. They are focused on instant cash if you look at the latest salaries and bonuses, then they further insult us by using Trust money to disparage our efforts to provide guidance that would make them accountable.
    The General is probably an honorable man who will become dishonorable should he be elected and become part of this cabal. Shouldn’t the Trustees disclose the salary and bonuses them have promised him? Is he getting paid a stipend just to have his name put on the ballot even if he loses?

    I have many more questions, and answers from them will NOT be forthcoming. Sad!

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    • I’ve asked TPL about the expense of retaining the general and the cost of the search. I asked the general too. The silence is deafening.

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