Investor Group Issues Statement

Investor Group Issues Statement Responding To Personal Attacks From Trustees Of Texas Pacific Land Trust

“We are deeply disappointed at the new lows that the incumbent Trustees have sunk in the past 48 hours, as they have escalated the callous personal attacks against Eric Oliver, his business record, and even his family in order to intimidate him from continuing to run for election as Trustee of TPL.  We are simply not going to dignify such unprofessional and unethical conduct with additional commentary. We hope the incumbent Trustees, management, and self-avowed governance expert General Cook realize the harm they are causing TPL and its shareholders.”

4 thoughts on “Investor Group Issues Statement

  1. Not impressed with the “no comment” from the investor group. They may be trying to take the high road and they may be confident the proxy battle is in the bag, but some of the conflict of interest allegations made against Oliver need a response. Another video from Oliver would be useful to again reassure us he is not a boogeyman riding in on a Trojan Horse.

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